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OMOTO has over 40 years manufacturing experience in the fishing tackle industry. We are well aware of the needs of anglers and have perfected the materials and quality of our products to offer perfect and useful equipment for anglers. OMOTO reels are well known, both in fresh water and saltwater fishing. Many well-known brands worldwide cooperate with OMOTO”s excellent R&D team, which combines up-to-date concepts with years of experience .


OMOTO believes that persistence brings the best quality, and OMOTO reels will always accompany you wherever you enjoy the pleasures of fishing.

OMOTO在釣具行業接近40年的捲線器/路亞製造經驗。我們深知垂釣者的需求,並有完善的原料和產品的質量,提供完善的和有用的設備給垂釣者。 OMOTO捲線器是眾所周知的,無論是在淡水和海水捕撈。許多世界知名品牌與OMOTO“優秀的研發團隊,結合了最新的概念並具有多年的合作經驗。


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